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Yes this Queen!! love love her …she’s like what? 41 years and still gorgeous
Wendy Fitzwilliam- Trinidad Carnival 2k14


Yes this Queen!! love love her …she’s like what? 41 years and still gorgeous

Wendy Fitzwilliam- Trinidad Carnival 2k14




we’d like to take you home with us….

we’d like to take you home with us….


Where Yuh From?

TRINIDAD!!!! despite everything (and our lack of quality beards) i love my country. 


Notting Hill Carnival is on this weekend. Whatever the festival reflects and represents now (party and bullshit and party and bullshit) I’d just like to take a moment to remember and celebrate Claudia Jones, who gave England its first taste of Caribbean Carnival in 1959 in response to the Notting Hill race riots of the previous year.

She was born in Belmont, Trinidad in 1915 and moved to the US at age 9 but was deported in 1955 for her involvement in workers rights and the Communist Party.

She was given asylum in England and it was here that she organized the first London Caribbean Carnival and an Afro-Asian Caribbean Conference which then led to the formation of Committee of Afro-Asian and Caribbean Organisations.

She also founded the West Indian Gazette which later became West Indian Gazette and Afro-Asian Caribbean News.

She was a journalist, activist, trouble maker, public speaker and allround badass.

She was also the original Jouvayist because she understood the transformative power of culture and the role that Carnival, the carnival of the masses played in defying the boundaries set by a system designed to make migrants invisible and sub-human.

That first Carnival event she organized in January 1959 in Pancras Town Hall featured the Boscoe Holder Dance troupe, the legendary Fitzroy Coleman and Cleo Laine. It was broadcast on the BBC and funds raised from the event went towards court fees and fines of convicted young black men.

I wonder if a penny from any fete, boat cruise, mas band this weekend is going towards addressing any of the many issues in the Black British community….

It’s unfashionable these days to be critical of Carnival. We have earned the right to wine up ourselves in the streets. To pay ridiculous amounts of money to wear the same fucking costume every year. To dress up and go to fete and adopt postures of freedom and wild abandon.

I love to wine as much as anybody else, but I’m looking at least for a bit of irony, for an undertone of menace for even the shadow of a threat. We don’t even understand the significance of all these English in the street essentially giving thanks for the protests and sacrifice of the generations of Africans and Indians who worked to make this country wealthy and then came here after the World Wars as part of the rebuilding effort. 

The ConDem government is telling people to go home  even as we find out just how much David Cameron’s family got in reparations after Emancipation.

I guess it’s the lack of irony that upsets me the most. The total and complete lack of consciousness at how powerful Carnival could be if we weren’t so busy trying to forget the very things that ensured that we have it in the first place.

I’ve gotten really into listening to Film Scores.

My neighbours must think i’m crazy. 
I go from  something like, いきものがかり….to The Acorn…..to The Avatar Film Score….to Adebisi Shank….to Jamiroquai.

LIBRARIAN SCHOOL: DAY 20: Parasitic Group Work

My first two LIBS 135 projects are due Monday and my partner hasn’t done SHIT. I initially did my share since Thursday, emailed it, she hasn’t reciprocated. Initially she was constantly playing the ‘but I’m working’ card and today (after she sent a whatsapp, not even a call, cancelling our meeting) I tried calling to ask her to be emailed her work so I can at least edit it… no response. I tried to be accommodating but I have stuff to do as well, just because I don’t WORK 40 hrs a week doesn’t discredit the fact that I DO work weekends and I AM doing five 4 credit courses this semester, I’m doing the ALTA program, plus week 4 assessments are coming up and I have OTHER STUFF TO DO!

It’s been FOUR weeks and I haven’t read for leisure, do you know how deprived I feel!
*angry sigh*

So I did the projects by my lonesome, email my lecturer (she probably hates me because I email her A LOT) a lengthy complaint but I don’t understand why, if you know you don’t have the time to balance work and school, why chose to undergo BOTH. And if you had no choice but to work then pursue the degree when the time is right because you’re slacking off is frustrating others and I’m NOT that girl who will let you ride off my hard work I WILL, without hesitation, even if I have to get my grievances across to my program head via smoke signal, make you fail. I have compassion for NO ONE because your actions are telling me you have none for me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New @hertinyteeth collection is now available for purchase! HerTinyTeeth.com


New @hertinyteeth collection is now available for purchase! HerTinyTeeth.com

Sunday, September 14, 2014





Darren Hunt of Utah

The murder of young Black Men by police continues.

oh for fucks SAKE

Y’all he was shot in the back…. HE WAS SHOT IN THE BACK…


Maybe white tears will help us….since neither black pain (unable) nor a black president (unwilling) seems to help.

I think the problem is excessive force. Because there’s instances where even WHITE people are killed by the police, im not denying the fact that more BLACK men are killed (because we all know they are). But american police seem to be trigger happy. 

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